Updated 5-16-16: Starting in September of 2013, the City of Gary began requiring permits for exploring and photographing abandoned buildings. This is official and is being enforced. Police are now checking the popular UrBex spots several times daily. I have personally been told to leave twice. Every other photographer I know has also been asked for a permit.

Cost: $50 per photographer per day. You can have models - they don't pay. You don't need a permit for each location you want to shoot at. One permit is good for the four locations Gary is in charge of. So $50 can get you a day of shooting with a couple of models.

Gary will issue permits for:
City Methodist Church
Union Station
Palace Theater
Memorial Auditorium

The post office is not owned by the city, and Screw and Bold is now privately owned. If you are caught in Screw and Bolt, you WILL be arrested.

"Where do I get one of these magical permits?" you may ask.....

Ben Clement
Executive Director
Gary Office of Film & Television
2929 West 24th Place
Gary, Indiana 46404-3272

(219) 944-1201 home office