Continuing decay, damage and scrapping

April-September 2013 thru March 2018: Stairs by stage (end of hallway near hole in wall) are unusable. Scrappers took some of them, and a wall partially collapsed onto them. Many steps are missing, then entire thing is unstable.

Large radiators at rear of stage were falling off the wall. These weigh several hundred pounds each. Scrappers removed them in 2014. All railings on the stairs were stolen by scrappers in 2014 as well.

Facing the stage, most of the right side has collapsed.

In the church, the balcony that can be accessed from the second floor has suffered major damage by a partial roof and wall collapse. Bricks, stones, wood and shingles fell on to the balcony this month, destabilizing it and punching several holes through it. in 2014 a large section of the roof came down, leaving the chior balcony in ruins and a pile of rubble on the floor (update: much of the rubble was removed in 2016.) The stairs leading up and down are no longer blocked. Nets were installed by a movie crew in the church to catch falling debris. These are by the main entrance and the tower.

Scrappers have also been very active. All the steel and metal that was in the basement (shelves, scrap, chairs) is gone. The upright piano near the church basement? Destroyed.

The main stairs leading up are starting to show wear and damage. Watch for lose metal. Several sections of the main stairs are in danger of collapsing. This is one of the main reasons for condemning the building.

The vaulted area between the building and sidewalks in front of the retail area are starting to totally collapse. Take extreme care when walking here. Beneath this, the "murder room" now has a huge hole in the roof.

Many more windows in the theater are broken, and the glass block windows in the basement have been pretty much shattered. The upper floors of the building are showing much more decay and damage, and the roof over the theater is pretty hinky in spots.

Much more tagging and vandalism throughout the entire building. Local kids have also been spotted throwing bricks off the roof at people exploring the church (yes, we have photos of this.)

June of 2011. I shot a lot on the basketball court on June 19th, including a tour image. On June 26th I discovered that the court suffered a major roof collapse. A portion of one wall also came down.