City Methodist Church is Condemned!

(Updated 3-29-2018) The church has been deteriorating rapidly over the past few years and was condemned in March of 2018. Permits are no longer being given, and anyone found inside is being removed.  Deterioration, damage from scrappers and vandalism have all taken their toll. Experienced explorers could navigate it safely.  The problem is that most of the visitors to the church  have never explored a decaying abandoned building.  See the latest roof damage. Remember: Permits are now REQUIRED for Gary!!!

Virtual Tour

City Methodist Virtul Tour

360 degree interactive images throughout the church. Next best thing to being there! Information, roll-overs and more are part of each interactive image.

Photo Gallery

Wide angle, fisheye, panoramic - even fashion and themed shoots. I'll add photos often. They're all on Flickr, so while you're there, check out my other photos - and the cool photos others have shot of this great location.

See my before/after shot.

News, Views and Updates...

Photo Shoots - In my history of shooting the church, I have shot over 22,000 photos and 20+ 360 tour images. Bumped into several movie crews, nude model shoots, a music video shoot, fashion photogs and dozens of Urbex groups...and see this Gothic beauty slowly turn to a ruin.

Damage Update (2011-2018)! Wall damage, scrapping, stair damage and a lot more. The place is reallyng going to hell - fast. Includes photos. Permits are now REQUIRED for Gary!!!